Frequently Asked Question

Is there any risk of losing the Instagram account or some personal data while using the service of
There's no risk at all! You don't have to provide the details of your profile to experience all the benefits from our service, thus there can be no loss of your personal information at all.
Will it be easy for me to boost likes on my Instagram with your service?
It's very easy! Just pick the needed pack of likes and complete the form of the order. And watch the dreams come true!
How long will it last to complete my order?
Usually, it takes ten minutes to five hours to fulfill any wish on likes. It depends on the amount of orders and likes put to work before your one. Sometimes it takes a bit more time, but such delays are the exception to the rule.
I'm not sure how many likes should I buy, can you assist?
First of all, find out how many followers you got. Your posts should have the number of likes not exceeding 30-35% of your following, but you're free to order likes of any number - have fun! We will complete any order.
What about a bonus? Do you have any specials such as extra likes or discounts?
Yes, sure! Our regular customers always receive special offers. You will be surprised how great they are!
I got my order paid and the time passed but there are no likes. What is the cause of this?
Usually the reasons for that are the following: firstly, your account is set to private - change the privacy settings of your IG profile; secondly, - the name of your Instagram profile differs from what is written in the request. Customers should not change the account name after placing an order. If any situation occurs, please contact us describing the encounter.
Do I have to like photos or do similar things in advance to receive likes?
No, because our team does all the work for you! Just relax and wait for the wonder.
Any VIP service for special requests?
Please contact us if your order doesn't match the proposed products or you require some special terms to complete your order. By the way, our regular customers receive Premium status, that means special offers and a top speed of completing their orders.
I would like to buy likes for my friend. What should I do to make him happy with likes?
Quite simple! Just fill the order form with the link to his account and pick the needed photos!
I want to keep a secret on how I receive the likes on my photos.
One of the rules of is a total privacy!