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If you here for the first time, you are welcome to buy Instagram likes. We made this offer to let you discover the amazing advantages of services at BuyIGLikesFast! Today you can raise your traffic and increase visibility of a brand or a personality really cheap. A good dozen of likes on photos or videos equals great positive customer reviews on your product or individual abilities. An exciting number of likes on your counter lets you speak to a wide world's society, reading you, following you, buying from your page. Nowadays almost every SMM specialist would not argue on the importance of getting Instagram likes when running a promo campaign. But how efficient are the ways you bring visitors to content? The good news is that we offer the cheapest Instagram likes for all purposes. By the way, we can easily build a custom pack to suit any requirements for you to achieve the maximum results. Give us a try and we won't let you down! We're glad to give you a chance to run a test of our activities. Click here to buy right now - 20 or 50 Instagram likes is waiting for you with a real and instant delivery!

Any of our bundles of Instagram likes is 100% safe for the account or personal data, they are legit and follow the terms of Instagram. We strongly guard your security and privacy.

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What is required of you is just filling up a short form and then paying with PayPal. That's all! Take a minute to relax and watch the selected posts get the package of likes, so letting your photo or video shine on the screens of hundreds and thousands of users of Insta-app.

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Our Instagram likes are very cheap, if considering its highest quality! Have a try of many wonderful opportunities we provide by sending likes to customers! Enhance the online presence of your pictures, clips or business risk-free - taste the magic of Insta-likes at BuyIGLikesFast!

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We don't require any passwords or email or whatever to deliver you real Instagram likes. And the orders are totally private, so there's no chance for our clients to be implicated by anyone.

Who needs to buy Instagram Likes?

We can say the service is in a high demand now. Although, such a process of increasing the numbers on the profile was condemned and considered something unacceptable quite recently.

Today absolutely any user can get an extra portion of Instagram likes and it is even very necessary when raising the rankings or boosting sales. Now let's figure out what personalities can use this paid enhancements.

Buy 20 Instagram Likes
Private Persons

Stars and well-known persons

We have already spoken over how likes influence pages of the celebrities. But the amount of positive assessments may vary and sometimes differ from the expected. Therefore, many popular people buy IG likes to boost the flow of visitors.

Buy 50 Instagram Likes
Online Retail

Online Shopping

Instagram, in this case, acts as a directory where you can show the product in all its best, and the likes, thus are an indicator of reliability and trust of followers.

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People who promote themselves as specialists.

As in the previous case, raising the number of signals will advertise your offer. In addition, you do not have to spend money and effort on creating your site. Instagram is a great place for doing business and you can always get an assistance from our team.

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Companies and Brands.

The main goal of branding an organization or a company is a large attendance and recognition. In this case, a great number of likes will act as an endorsement and high interest of users on Instagram.

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New users who want to stand out from the crowd

And yes, it especially concerns the youth. Teenagers never want to be a loser. They want to be a leader for the same kind of extraordinary personalities. Nowadays such popularity equals your visibility on social media.

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Online Media


Instagram also has a category of bloggers who provide information, expressing it through publications with significant text content. It is necessary for such type of media data to be liked by many users to get much wider distribution. More Instagram likes is a must for this type of content.

What is the price to buy likes on Instagram?

get really cheap rates

The most common question of a man going to use such service is how much would it cost to buy Instagram likes from specialized profiled sites.

Of course, no one wants to overpay for virtual goods, on the other hand, very inexpensive price always seem suspicious. That is why it is necessary to determine the average cost of this process on various websites selling Instagram likes. Currently, you have to spare quite a small amount of money for such packages. There is no fixed rate at all. Every site uses various quality and promotion methods, so the money you have to pay for one like depends on many factors.

Let's have a look at some of them!

real accounts

The quality of accounts

The cost of a purchase depends on the quality of accounts which likes arrive at your posts from. Your photos can be evaluated by both real followers with their content and history, and empty bots. Considering this, it differs much from seller to seller.


The core rate

Do not forget about the input value of the resource. Usually, promotion teams are provided by suppliers in bulk and wholesale and add a certain own percentage to the original cost. Thus, the profit goes to the seller. Therefore, it depends on the wishes of the reseller.



The audience targeting is an another reason. For example, Instagram likes from USA would cost you a little if you make a purchase right now! You can buy likes from UK residents in the as well, you are free to choose from age group, sex, and location of the source.

our products instagram likes

Our Products

Each of our products is the advanced solution for the exact stage of a promotion of a page on Instagram. Due to regular A-B tests we keep our website updated to meet the latest developments and trends of the modern market to maximize the effectiveness of promo ways. BuyIgLikesFast is gaining popularity as one of the best commercial site and the leader in delivering Instagram likes around the world. More than 50 specialists in our team in 10 countries are working on processing the requests twentyfourseven.

Everybody knows that any audience would skip the publication if the number of likes is not enough to reach the news feed. No views mean no traffic and it's a nightmare for any profile owner. Our mission is to hit the market with the most powerful methods and the most effective solutions on social media promotion for business, individuals or agencies, hitting the heights with solving most complicated problems and taking parts in great campaigns. With the help of innovative web tools and extensive experience of cooperation with many suppliers and customers, we fulfill our main goal of offering top-notch Instagram likes from real viewers only. BuyIglikesFast gives you a 100 percent guarantee that gained likes won't be gone from your publications. We also guarantee a super fast and the safest delivery.

Being our premium client means you can obtain any kind of specific information on campaign, current status, the promotion progress or the statistics of interactions with your posts. An account's status reports are also available by demand in Google documents as well as our low prices, unavailable for single order customers. This option created to analyze the progress on Instagram can be considered sharing a packages quality control. Our goods are multifunctional, but they are easy to choose and run and are very convenient. BuyIGLikesFast's database gets advanced daily, our specialists perform everyday tests of Instagram likes, that allows us to get a better adaptation of handling before offering it to our visitors, as well as to reduce the final cost of the deal for the client. It is important to note that today our website solves strategic tasks to improve the popularity of publications on Instagram creating innovative products in various segments.

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We offer unique packages and the best prices that are suitable for any user with any income level.

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The procedure of sending Instagram likes to a customer takes about 60 seconds to start.

our benefits

Our Benefits

  • Instant Delivery

    After completing the purchase Instagram likes form on our website, the customer is notified by email about if it is accepted and receive a receipt for the order. The deadline for finishing the payment depends on the system you use. Next, your order is instantly processed. The delivery time also depends on quantity of likes you picked.
  • 100% Guarantee of Satisfaction

    Our partner in business is a reliable and well-known PayPal where you need to confirm your activities and personal data. If you are not satisfied for the reasons concerning the delivery - we will refund your money. To make this happen, you need to write a letter of requesting the support mentioning the reason for the refund and the payment details. Do not forget to attach a check.
  • Total Privacy

    We do not collect Instagram accounts for any actions to promote unauthorized persons or for the purpose of fraud. We do not require any data (for example, the pair of login and password). If there is any mistake or misunderstanding, we can always replace your likes.
  • 24/7 Support

    Dear customers and visitors of our site! All incoming orders are processed 24 hours a day. That means you can put a request on our site at any time 7 days a week. You can also get a solution on any of your interest or a problem from our support team working 24h every day. We do not have weekends, breaks for lunch, we don't even go out for a smoke break because we don't smoke and live a healthy life)
  • Reasonable prices

    Excellent quality, reasonable prices and a wide selection of packages of likes for Instagram will help you quickly pick and buy the pack that you want best of all. Our finger is glued to the pulse of every top trends, we carefully follow the novelties. We always offer probably the lowest prices and a great variety of real likes on any content.
  • Experienced management

    In short, our organization is an individual approach no matter if you are new or a loyal client, inexpensive Instagram likes, professional services and the advantageous billing system. Our virtual goods is the best buy for you! We provide a money back guarantee within 30 days from the date of purchase. The reputation of a good site attracts more and more customers, and strict selection reduces competition. You flash the cash, you get the play! On BuyIGLikesFast, the system of severe selection of the source base and its regular monitoring minimize the chance to get a poor looking product.
clients reviews

Client's Review

It is very important for us to respect the privacy of visitors to our site. We respect your fears about your personal life. Therefore, here are the latest reviews from real people, but we have changed their names have been changed to fictitious.

Jessica Jones
Thanks to the staff of and its founder personally - for creating such a friendly atmosphere! I get Instagram likes on the photos even more than I buy! I was unsure of it all for a time, but then decided and took advantage of your proposal. To be honest, the result surpassed my expectations, guys have promoted all my publications super fast and cheap. Thank you very much! I will recommend you to all my friends and colleagues for sure!
Howard Owen
My mate showed me this site, now I recommend it to everyone who's into advertising and business in social media. This is one of the best places on the market in this season, among those that I have been to recently! I love many kinds of packages of likes, that's really cozy) I was pleased with the speed and competence of managers supporting me on each step, yet affordable and inexpensive price tags for services. I'll drop by again, see you soon! :)
Henry Checo
The site is very friendly, you got all the modern tools for promoting the profile, everything is automated, finally got a good discount on a wholesale order. What a day! Thanks to your organization, your team demonstrated a profound knowledge and experience many times. Cheers!