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How To Become Popular On Instagram

BuyIGLikesFast Author Max Paulovic
Max Pavlovic
BuyIGLikesFast Senior Manager

Today many are digging the schemes of the Instagram to understand how it works. And that's worth it because this social network got very popular among the overwhelming number of users around the world. Do you want to create your account too? Guess you have a few questions on it. One of them - how to become popular on Instagram? Today we're here writing this article to show you what do you need to do.

Become Popular On IG Quickly And Free

How to become popular on Instagram for free quickly?

Social networks are not much different from the real life. You can become popular on Instagram in a short period as well as if living offline. When walking the way of promoting your page and increasing your likes counter, you can use essential free approaches or start with a paid option with buying Instagram likes.

The most important task at the initial step is to get your account ready for starting growing it. You must select an attractive avatar, put a bright and clear description to it, specify a link to the promoted resource. It can be your site, a group in a social network or whatever you wish to collect leads to. After that, you must think about a personal unique hashtag system and how to enter the global hashtag list with your content. The chosen hashtag system will further serve as some kind of anchors for your pictures or films. When it's all clear, it's time to start adding quality photos and descriptions. Once your profile is filled with more than 15 publications you may start your promotion to attract visitors to your posts. The best way to start is to analyze the most popular pages on the Instagram of a specific similar with yours, the way they show themselves to an audience, how they communicate with visitors and subscribers, etc. Such accounts can be seen in the section of recommended for you by the Instagram. Pay attention to the photos that get more likes and comments, try to understand for yourself the origin and the reasons of that high sympathy - think about why this kind of content plan is much interesting to subscribers. Start to experiment with pictures and videos. Keep in mind, that a well-thought-out description plays a very important role in growing up a profile.

One of the Instagram's strengths is an opportunity to search for interesting publications on keywords, hashtags. Specifying the tags in a post's comments, you can easily attract the attention of your potential followers. Nobody prevents you to delete this comment after and add a new one with new hashtags in it. So, if using this easy trick, you can show your information and your page to another target audience. If your visitor finds your content interesting he becomes a new follower.

At this point we must warn you from possible greed and impatience - a large number of followers at once or in a very short period may play a sick joke to your account, as the Instagram's administration way consider that rapid growth a result of using illegal methods of promotion, thus giving your account a penalty. You do not need to start a race of increasing them just for the sake of quantity as well because not your every subscriber will become a faithful commentator. Many of them will be completely indifferent to your information, giving your publications only a view, but not responding to your stories or questions at all.

Choose Your Account's Theme

Choose a theme for your Instagram account to be focused on

Think about the subjects of your profile's content, the frequency of publication and the peculiarity of your issues.

In addition to the principal posts concerning the services and products, offers of your business, or special proposals, you can publish everything you are interested in - your hobby, interesting people you meet or moments of everyday life. If you love making selfies, you can even add them. Acting this way you can cover a large part of the audience and draw attention to yourself.

Try not to waste your posts with any photo you got. Choose your most interesting and the most attractive ones. You can apply various effects, frames, labels, collages to them using Instagram features or pre-enhancing them with standalone photo editors like Photoshop. This ploy is known for attracting the attention well, but don't go that far with this - overeffected pictures are often considered a bad taste. You can try to send out personal messages as well, but be careful - not everyone likes to receive emails from users unknown personally.

Build Social Links

Social Links

Publish your posts from Instagram on other social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

Such links to various social networks give your publications more views, thus increasing the amount likes and collecting friends. Why does this work? You will never be able to fully understand which method will be more useful. Try everything, but gradually.

There are a few more not quite natural techniques of promotion of popularity. Find people interested in increasing their number of Instagram likes. Follow them, leave comments and likes on their posts. In a short time they will follow you back, and start to leave their likes regularly.

Paid Methods To Get Likes

Paid methods of PR for Instagram

In case of you do not want to spend a lot of time on ways of promoting the account for free, you should resort to paid PR for Instagram. If compared to the free ones, the paid methods give much higher results in a shorter period. There are several ways to boost your account.

The most expensive choice and surely the fastest one is a purchase of advertising. But still the customer's goals may not be achieved and the result may be disappointing if this technique is chosen. The essence of this action is in publishing your advertising post in the popular public pages, top visited persons or places of Instagram or blogs of the celebrities. All of these options share one thing: they all got a huge amount of followers, a greater part of which will see your advertising publication and go visit your page if they wish to.

The second way is to purchase a package of services from specialized agencies. You pay immediately for the result - and get a certain amount of likes in a determined period of time.

The third way is to use our site at and buy Instagram likes. We provide packages of real likes and real followers only, not working with bots.


It's up to you to choose a way to make your profile grow faster, but it is very important to avoid getting a ban from the IG's administration. So, choose the method and experiment with the promotion very carefully. We strongly suggest you analyze your target audience and, when it's clear, begin to develop your account properly.

Walking a way of advancing an Instagram account is useful for individuals as well as for companies and business if they're up to work with a larger audience. In any case, popularity will bring a recognition and a prestige to the IG-page and its owner.

Thank you for visiting us! We hope you find this article useful!