Privacy Policy

Update: November, 01 2020

We value both privacy and security of our customers, both existing and potential. On this page you will find a brief outline that contains information that we generally receive from those visiting our website paired with short and concise descriptions for each. If you still have any further inquiries, please don’t hesitate to send a message and get in touch with us using the Contact Us section. By using our Website, you agree to give us your consent that allows the collection and storage of information detailed below.


As one of the most common elements when browsing the World Wide Web, our Website utilizes cookies in a way that most if not all websites generally do which is to store certain content based on online activities and record them usually to make everything faster. This is achieved using the browser of your choice, which transmits the data. Google, arguably the most popular third-party vendor, uses cookies in order to properly direct and advertise users to websites of interest, recommending our Website and various other types of websites online. To find out more and acquire more information related to the matter, please visit : It is ill-advised to disable the options for the cookies but it is possible to do so. This can generally be done via the options or settings page of the browser. Be advised however that tinkering with your browser’s settings haphazardly can have negative results. To this end, please get in consult the respective developer first before making any modifications. By disabling the cookies, our Website may not run as it was intended to do so.


Not unlike cookies, logs or log files are typically utilized by many websites online. Information pertaining to the Internet Protocol or simply IP address as it is more commonly referred to as contained within the logs, and this allows your Internet Service Provider or ISP to better track your internet activities. The data usually isn’t linked to any personally identifiable information and exists primarily to analyze trends that can make browsing much more efficient.

Collecting and storing information

Since we do not require our customers to create a profile on to use our Services, no user data is either collected or stored. We also hand the payment process to the tried and trusted sertified companies via a secure SSL protocol, so no personal payment information is stored on our Website in any way.