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Changing your Instagram account name before auto likes package delivery is fully complete, cancels the order with no refund automatically!


  • 50 Likes Per Post
  • On 30 New Posts
  • Required: Public account


  • 100 Likes Per Post
  • On 30 New Posts
  • Required: Public account


  • 250 Likes Per Post
  • On 30 New Posts
  • Required: Public account


  • 500 Likes Per Post
  • On 30 New Posts
  • Required: Public account

Do you want to learn how to automate the delivery of Instagram likes to your new posts with the help of our website and make your account look more attractive?

auto instagram likes

Auto likes is the best service for today that saves your everyday time on buying likes on your photos and videos! One of the main rules in life says: if you can automate a duty - do it right now! Free your time and mind for other important things in your life. Many people consider the option to buy automatic Instagram likes the best way to leave the everyday distraction of ordering and getting a social appretiation.

automatic instagram likes

Grow Your Profile Carefully - Buy Automatic Likes On Instagram

The process of promotion on Instagram seems very easy

Create an attractive content and publish it. After that look for followers and draw their attention, put likes and follow them. Obviously, not everyone whom you put your "like" to, will reciprocate you. It's obvious also it's better not to waste time on buying Instagram likes regularly, if it is possible to make it automated. In addition, we can offer the best planning tool for a long time ahead, if you are a very busy person. All you have to do is to pick the necessary number of likes by yourself and then buy automatic likes. Next our script is engaged in the routine work, providing likes on your photo and video posts. There's no need to dig into the nuances of work of our system - the code is configured to put likes by itself with a maximum efficiency, all you need to do is to pick a package to buy. Buy automatic likes once a month and let our service do the rest of work fulfilling your plans.

Who finds automatic likes the most efficient service?

Here, at BuyIGLikesFast, we advise everyone to switch to automatic Instagram likes delivery over time. After the account is filled with a quality content and is run with a daily update, it's time to get the most of advantages from this offer of ours!

There's a difference in methods and techniques of promotion for an individual and a business accounts. However, all of the tools at BuyIGLikesFast are appropriate to any type of the boosted page. Here are the account types, which give the best feedback from buying automatic likes on Instagram from us.

Likes For Social Media
Social Media
Marketing Agencies
Online And Offline Business
Business of
any scale
Bloggers and
Retail And Online Stores
Bitcoin Startups
of sports,
fashion and
Competitive Youth

Benefits From Automatic Likes


The service saves time, you do not need to visit any sites to buy Instagram likes after publishing a new photo. You do not need to dive into the process - the system delivers the likes automatically. We always try to look at the work of our crew through the eyes of our customer, doing our best to meet the client's expectations and moreover - to surpass the buyer in many ways. We're always here to help you fulfill your dreams!


Based on a great experience of the years of promoting insta-pages, we can provide cheap services that will sufficiently increase the popularituy of your images. Our technical support is always in touch ready to help you on any issues.


The process of delivering auto ig likes from our site is tested daily, your profile is completely safe. We give a guarantee against writing the delivered auto likes off. We always take the sideon the of the client. As paying to buy auto likes for Instagram, you can be assured of the consistently high quality of our service and the complete safety of your investments.

Data Protection

Everyone agrees with tha face that the protection of a personal data is the most important point when dealing with the Internet! Bearing in mind the privacy methods on BuyIGLikesFast, we can guarantee that all the risks related to data protection are reduced to a zero level. Unlike other sites and applications, we do not need confirmations, scans of documents, account or mail passwords. What we require of you is your username and the payment for our work, even this small amount of data is used confidentially only to boost your insta-account.

How we work?

BuyIgLikesFast offers a full automatization of any Instagram account with subscibtion paid packages of likes. Prices start from only $9.90 - this is a starter pack of 50 likes for per post, with a maximum of 60 publications. We deliver only real likes from live real accounts, no bots or fake pages, only the active profiles with lots of photos. The most of the database origins from UK or the United States.

  • We do not require a password from the account!
  • You can put an online order for auto likes right now!
  • We do not have any limits or restrictions on the purchase of automatic likes packs!
  • The speed of the order delivery depends on the queue and the selected package.
  • Please, feel free to contact our support for any questions, unsatisfied orders, form mistakes and other issue 24/7.
  • If we don't have an optimal solution suiting your needs, please contact us and describe your demand. We will fulfill your individual order in the shortest time!