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Promoting Brands On Instagram

BuyIGLikesFast Author Max Paulovic
Max Pavlovic
BuyIGLikesFast Senior Manager

According to the research, every third user of instagrams (guess what is the number of registered IG users - unbelievable number of 500 millions!), at least once bought the goods of a particular brand. Experts say that branded advertising publications on instagram seem to be remakebly better perceived by the target audience because of their visibility. Why does it happen so - take a seat and read it below.

European insta-fashionistas check the account news up to 15 times a day - that's the average. They are able to react flexibly on changes of fashion, and at the same time create trends by themselves. The number of their publications is three times higher than the number of post of ordinary users, not the fashion enthusiasts. Almost half of instagram users in Europe "follow the brand to go with the trend." Fashion, whether you like it or not, helps you project who you are to the world. Because of IG's fashion accounts high contrast activity and the amazing speed Instagram spreads the information around the world, global trends actually get established much more quickly than they used to. And this, actually, is very good news to trendsetters.

Why Do Accounts of Fashion Brands Get So Popular In Instagram?

As we have already said, one third of people connected to instagram bought the goods of a particular brand at least once. Some companies that use personal messages as a channel of communication with the user, note a substantial growth of the feedback interaction. Almost 80% of brands on Instagram which somehow encourage the installation of own mobile application, noticed their downloads growing at a notable scale.

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Products Got The Most Popular On Instagram

The most popular product among Europeans on instagram is shoes, and this is no surprise for any apparel marketing or retail professional. In this category, the first place is taken by heels, and this is no surprise again, because the true connoisseurs of fashion have always been women. Guess which product is the second most popular? Of course, a dress! Fashion instagrams are quite predictable.

The winning commodity brand and hashtag in May 2018 was DENIM with almost 45 thousand unique and original publications of photo and video content. Striped clothes was trending this spring as well, we have seen lots of top publications with photoes from runways and fashion shows along with straight street fashion pieces. We can see from the statistics of fashion enthusiasts showed that approximately 25% of posts are published closer to the weekend.

    Some tips from BuyIGLikesFast's team for growing your brand on Instagram:
  • Focus on the activity, not the number of followers. You can get an unbelievable number of likes on your photo, but what's the point if your account has no real audience and your activity does not involve any traffic to your IG-page?
  • More communication with customers can benefit your brand. Typically, instagram users are very active people. Take advantage of this!
  • Videos are today's must for IG account developers of any niche! There is no doubt - photos can be very obvious. But the video publications can be much more representative, you can experiment with light to show the brilliance and half-tones, the game of shades and other cinematic features of shooting your goods. A gust of wind, waving model's hair and dress, will show ease and ease better than any photo. Such scenes are easy to build! Think of it!
  • Create and maintain a visual style of publications. Think of something that can become the defining characteristic of your images, to highlight them from the total mass? Come up wuth a special style of photos or put a tempting voiceover on the video. Pick an original font for the inscriptions! Think of your style, so that the user, having caught a glimpse of your post, immediately realized that it was you!

Follow the how-tos and clues in our articles to make your brand grow faster for the better!