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Likes On Instagram Or How It All Really Works In 2018?

BuyIGLikesFast Author Edward Curran
Edward Curran
BuyIGLikesFast Senior Manager

Right now there are several factors we can distinguish.

The good old times when the feed of the Instagram was chronological is a buried story, and it is buried by IG users themselves. What was the reason? Two simple facts exactly:

  1. The most of the profiles' content in the news feed was just missed by user's eyes because we all are subscrubed on too many pages and there were too many posts for any of us to be able to stick on such a rapidly changing flow. What's the takeaway? More than 50 or sometimes even close to 100 percent of the feed didn't bear any significant value to a user.
  2. More than 50 percent of posts of friends' were missing regularly as well.

So, that's exactly why the intelligent news feed has become a new part of Instagram. And now everyone's happy. Not.

But thanks to that new algorithms, users can see the majority of what's going on in the life of friends and that's the reason why people started spending more time on Instagram. At least the statistics says so and so we do. And yet, Instagram has never yet disclosed neither how it all really works, nor the details of the new algorithms and that's the reason why the new myths, gossips and fables were suddenly born. We heard people speaking of a ShadowBan, some new un—Āonfirmed hashtag reliance and dozens of advices by all kinds of marketing and promotion gurus. The role of buying likes on Instagram is also minimized.

Buying Likes On Instagram 2018

How does the ranking work

Instagram has a smart AI, learning your previous actions to assemble an unique and relevant newsfeed personally for you. Even if several users subscribe to the same list of accounts, every of them will get a personally organized news feed with an unique set of posts, based on your interactions with authoring accounts of these posts.

There are four essential factors:

  1. Insterest. Instagram is aware of what topics are the most relevant to your interests, what content in the feed gets the best response from you. It knows the whole thing because it learns from your previous interactions (say hi to mass likers!). Along with this the IG's AI analyzes the content of posts to understant what's your photo or video is about.
  2. Followers. In case if you follow way to many accounts, the Instagram's code has ample opportunities to pick a content to assemble your news feed. Thus the majority of authors will be hidden away from you or you may see their posts very rarely.
  3. Likes. What still really works is the number of likes you get on your post - the most popular get to the feed as usual. You have to make your active fans put their likes on it. Start a chain reaction with buying likes on Instagram.
  4. Usage. If you usually open the app and swipe only the latest posts on your feed, the Instagram will assemble your feed with picking only the best and popular posts, optimizing the feed for your custom. In other way, if you like to dig on dozens of screens down, Instagram will show much more posts.

Busting the most known mythes

  1. Instagram doesn't ever thinks of getting back to chronological feed. (It's obvious to see that algorithmic feed makes more money for the app.)
  2. Instagram doesn't really hide posts on your feed. In other words if you scroll and scroll down more and more you will see every single post.
  3. Videos haven't got a priority on getting into feed. Have you ever heard the stories saying it's vital to post videos, because they have a greater priority. That's nonsense. The only thing does an influence to your feed is your everyday choice of the content. If an IG users usually scrolls video posts, the AI will mark such type of content with a low priority in time.
  4. Using any "additional tools" such as Strories on Going Live doesn't have any impact on your outreach by itself. Ok, if you do it brilliant and amazing, it will work and you would attract them for sure - it works the same with any tool. But these options doesn't have any effect by itself.
  5. The algorithm does not minimize your outreach for posting too often.
  6. New algorithms do not give a penalty for accounts that buy Instagram likes.
  7. Instagram does not give an extra outreach to pages with a personal or business status, so there's no reason for switching to this type, unless you just want to see it written at your profile.
  8. There's NO such thing of ShadowBan.

Ban when you buy likes on Instagram

That's where the real mess begins. Everybody's totally hooked on the part of new algorithms so-called ShadowBan. What's the reason of focus on this point? A lack of information for sure. People started blaming everything and everyone just because they don't know a thing about new environment.

They say ShadowBan is given for mass liking, in other words when people buy IG likes, when they use third-party services of statistics, analysis and the delayed posting. They say that Instagram is angry for using such stuff and thus gives a shadow ban - the reason of loosing the account's coverage. Even the owners of the most visited and popular accounts got afraid of an experience of a significant decrease in followers audience. In some cases the decrease was up to 10%. Has this story any basis in truth? We can not give a 100% guarantee. But if taking into account the words of Instagram support about inserting a new algorithm into a hashtag feed, this theory has little chances of being anything real. In other words, we believe that buying IG likes still works for giving the content a boost. Make it the right way according to the IG's new code and terms and conditions and everything will be fine. Your profile is still safe, the technique is still very efficient.

A few words more

Most of the major brands and a lot of smaller business from retailers to even small local bakery and brow masters has came to Instagram because of the easy access to the widest Internet audience ever. Multiply 100 millions by eight or even ten, that's the exact number of users for today. All of these business accounts along with personal pages of bloggers and models etc they produce dozens of content and make a lot of efforts to make others see it. But it doesn't happen so. Impossible. The time users spends of watching the feed is very limited, so the competition gets more and more tough. It's getting more and more difficult to put the required content to feeds of the audience. Seems the only way for today to succed on IG is to create a well-planned promotion campaign, to produce an original briliant content, and to use the help of services and buy IG likes on your photo