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Instagram For Business 2018

BuyIGLikesFast Author Max Paulovic
Max Pavlovic
BuyIGLikesFast Senior Manager

At the beginning of 2018, Instagram shown up to the USA users with another update, particularly well received by the owners of commercial accounts - that is how the functions of "business account" were born. Most recently it started to be available for all the users around the globe.

What is so special in a business profile on Instagram? What are the general reasons for using it? Is it necessary to change the settings for a common profile? And how to create it? - these are the questions many owners of "commercial" accounts in the United States of America have asked. Well, we have answers to all of these questions and some other useful information about business pages on IG - you can find it all in this article.

Why do you need a business profile on the Instagram?

Today Instagram takes the lead among the most popular social media. This environment has already equated the popularity and a profit on income. This is the main reason why commercial business pages took their niche among the tremendous number of profiles and pages on Instagram. To be able to easily distinguish this type of accounts, Instagram has added the opportunity to redesign the IG account into a business profile by changing the settings in the menu, just like the Facebook did. Everybodys noted that there were sufficient functional changes along with minor visual modifications, you can find the review on these changes at the description below. Any owner of a business account can also use our offer to buy Instagram followers and likes - it can serve as an excellent resource alongside a standard number of business advantages of a page set to run for reasons of a commerce.

What is the benefit of a business profile?

One of the most noticed advantages is the advent of the "contact" button. When you click it, the user gets the opportunity to contact the representative of the commercial account by phone or email. Also, if the business account is linked to a local place any user is able to find the organization on the Google maps. The added address appears as an active link in the account description.

    Another advantage is the statistics of the business account including:
  • Impressions - total views of all publications
  • Coverage - the number of unique users who saw your publications
    Since that moment users can see the profile views with statistics formed like that:
  • Clicks on the website - the number of visits to the site from the profile. This feature is especially appreciated by account holders using UTM tags
  • Statistics of time - you will see when your followers use Instagram most of all
  • The best publications - the ability to view the most popular, among your fans, publications

With the viewing statistics appeared on Instagram, you can easily monitor the activity of your followers and guests. After switching to the business account mode the statistics of each publication also will be available to its owner, namely: Impressions of each publication, Coverage, and Involvement (the number of "likes" and comments under the photo).

Do I need to switch to a business profile?

On the one hand, the Instagram profile allows the user to quickly contact you and analyze statistics. On the other hand, most likely the coverage of the audience will decrease (we wrote a special part of this text about it in the conclusion). In our opinion, the optimal solution so far is the use of regular accounts and special professional marketing services for their promotion, like for example our BuyIgLikesFast website.

How to make a business profile?

    Transforming to a business profile on Instagram is a piece of cake. Don't want to say any more fringe speak about it, this is what you need:
  • Go to the settings and click on the "Switch to company profile" button.
  • Link page to your account on Facebook. If you do not already have a Facebook profile, it's time to create one - it will take you a maximum of ten minutes to create a business account there.
  • Specify your phone number, your address, and an email. It's not required of you to provide all the contact details if you don't want to. It is more likely a suggestion not a rule.

As a conclusion, I would like to say that despite the "tasty" and useful features of business profiles, Instagrams certainly has got a fly in the ointment for us. Many experts move towards the consensus that the business pages' posts are more likely to be shown in the intelligent feed of IG less than publications of regular pages. Such effect will surely have a negative impact on the coverage of the audience. All these indications make it look like Instagram corals business accounts into a fold of native paid service for the promotion of publications. However, it's all the same everywhere: buy the ticket - take the ride, it's just about the cost. And it's not a small penny if using Instagram's AD service. So, we suggest not to rush to turn the IG page into a business account. If you want to have a closer look and test the whole bunch of functions - create a separate account for this and have a try.